Works in Progress

This is were I will be posting any work I am currently trying to complete. Hopefully no single project will spend too much time on this page.

Work in Progress

I wanted to post some more progress on the blues player. So far I have the modeling, texturing, particles, and a basic rig done. Next step is to begin facial rig so I can give him some personality.

Ok, so the other day I purchased a stylist tablet (Bamboo Capture, nothing too special) and I have been wanting to start coming up with my own concepts. Some of my work has been criticized for not being too original so I wanted to start finding a happy medium.
My next project I want to begin will have to do with an old blues artist down in his life. I have done simple concept piece to begin and hopefully more will come as the week moves along.

This is a banner version of the work directly below:

I haven't had much time for personal projects lately and the time I have had, there has been a lack of inspiration. But my wife is going 2000 miles away this summer for her internship and I know I am going to miss her so much everyday she is gone. So I used that as inspiration to start this piece. I might change the ring to be a solitaire, but not sure yet. Also I know the diamonds are a bit noisy, even with 2000 passes in cycles they seem to be grainy.

My brother Dave is a DJ back in North Dakota and has provided me with great inspiration. Here is one of the few logos I have finished. There are a few more in the works and once I get the word from the man himself I will post the final for the others.

Here is another logo that Dave drew up and gave me permission to bring into the 3D world.

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  1. These look great, man. Don't stop posting them.